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A dead couple's spirits are haunted by an insufferable family who moves into their home and hires a villainous spirit to drive them out of the couple's home forever. But is trusting evil spirits really such a good decision? And what will happen when "Babalu Sultys" is repeated for the third time? 

Groundhog Day  Groundhog Day(1993) on IMDb

1 hour 41 minutes
Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Technicality - 9/10

Story - 9/10

Characters - 9/10

Groundhog Day

Description: Pittsburgh weatherman Phil Connors arrives in a small town where he will have to do the most disgusting and long-bored job - commenting on the events of Whiplash Day. It's the kind of day when almost all of Murphy's Laws come true. When it doesn't go well, it doesn't go well...Phil is forced to spend the night in a hotel in the much-hated town. When he wakes up, he notices that it's Whistleblower's day again. The next morning and again the same, the same and the same. Poor Phil goes to the same places, hangs out with the same people, and does the same things every sweet day.

All I can say about this story is that now all movies with time travel and replays are called "Like Whistleblower Day, Only...", so I think that tells you how accessible this story is and how much influence it had on the whole pop culture. And this thing is fundamental, although everything is related to time, no one goes too deep into it, this is not a film about "how or why this could happen". No, it's a story about a jackass who gets stuck in a time loop and has to understand himself and improve as a person, wouldn't we all want that chance?

I don't know if it will be very logical, but I would call this film very "warm", ironic when the action of the film takes place in winter. But all the characters, the colors, the lighting, and the story itself have such a positive and gentle feel to it. It's like sitting with your family in front of the TV on a Sunday morning and chopping a white blend. But at the same time, everything is not overdone, the characters are cynical, and sometimes they choke each other, but the film probably has its wholesome quality because of that.

The only thing I didn't like that much is the middle part of the movie, it can just feel a little rushed or a bit samey. Also, on first viewing, this part seems scattered all over the place, but towards the end, the film picks itself up again and wraps up the show really, really well.

Overall - 9/10

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