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They Cloned Tyrone Review


A series of eerie events thrusts an unlikely trio onto the trail of a nefarious government conspiracy in this pulpy mystery caper.

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They Cloned Tyrone Review They Cloned Tyrone (2023) on IMDb

2h 02min
Comedy, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Technical – 8/10

Story – 7/10

Characters – 9/10

They Cloned Tyrone Review

Description: A series of eerie events thrusts an unlikely trio onto the trail of a nefarious government conspiracy in this pulpy mystery caper.

First, the film is much more serious and intense in places than it might seem at first. A few scenes here make you even stand up in shock, in other words, it’s Full of Pants Tension. And this is helped by the characters who, like caricatures, are thrown into the strangest and most crazy situations. Pala, and the fact that the characters behave like caricatures is not bad? Ah… here is the plus of the movie, everything is explained and every action falls nicely into place. So the main characters can sometimes seem like manipulated children and don’t even understand it themselves. You probably already realized that a lot of it is based on American history with racism, experimentation, bad neighborhoods, and other rather complex social concepts. So if you weren’t interested in these „less publicized” historical facts, many places will seem exaggerated or even absurd… But if you know at least something, you will immediately notice who and how… and most importantly why… this is a very strange film – at one point it seems mocks African-American culture, but at other times is very supportive. Well, like a mix between old style Blaxploitation history and current political awareness…

Stories that mix comedy with serious genres have become my favorite films, but often the „comedy” part is very weak. This is not the case here, yes, humor is definitely not for everyone – it is often based on stereotypes and absurd situations that sometimes even I find it hard to believe. But the „jokes” themselves often feel pretty logical, characters aren’t throwing jokes 2 seconds after their friends die (ahem, Marvel).It helps that the humor is distributed quite evenly, it never feels like the director is saying – „this scene needs some wit”. This is a very simple comedy where every fourth joke has a deeper meaning.

Realistically, this movie doesn’t have much to cling to. The camera work or special effects aren’t really anything spectacular, but it’s more than enough for a movie of this caliber. Some of the supporting cast could be weaker, but Jamie Foxx and John Boyega make up for it strongly.Although I will admit that the audio mixing was quite strange in some places, hats off to you, I couldn’t understand anything the characters were saying. And although I understand why this is done, the first half of the film is a bit too long, and I would like to speed up one or the other scene at least partially… I think the biggest problem is that the film is rather niche, both because of the political statements and because of the roots of the blaxploitation genre itself. However, the film is not deceptive, if after watching the trailer you are not hooked on the stylistics and the idea, then the film is definitely not for you.

Overall – 8/10
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