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Joshas Futturmanas, prižiūrėtojas dieną ir žaidėjas naktį, įdarbinamas paslaptingų keliautojų, kurie keliauja per laiką, kad išvengtų žmonijos išnykimo.

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Future Man Review Future Man (2017) on IMDb

34 x 30min
Action, Adventures, Comedy

Technical – 7/10

Story – 7/10

Characters – 9/10

Future Man Review

Aprašymas: Josh Futturman, a janitor by day and a gamer by night, is recruited by mysterious visitors to travel through time to prevent the extinction of humanity.

Future Man is the kind of time story that I like the most – that doesn’t focus on rules and just wants to make situations as fun as possible with this concept. It certainly doesn’t always work, but even a few places manage to surprise with their time travel mechanics. And while the main story is here, a large part of this show is random and just plain fun scenarios. This is felt more in the second and third seasons of Future Man, the former being a more tightly constructed and structured story. The second season especially focuses on the characters’ feelings and goals. And this might be a more serious problem, if not for the fact that this series ended after 3 rather short seasons. And while I have a few gripes with the ending, it does tie a nice knot in this whole weird story. Another plus is the technical aspects and locations. At times its MEH, but other scenes feel authentic to the future, the past, or any other time where the characters collide. And no, there is no blood and gore here, how can you save coming without it?

The humor here is so slightly teenage, slightly edgy, and sometimes very clever. Almost not an episode goes by without some humor about genetalia or something gross… well what would be funny to a 15 year old… but it’s almost never overdone. many of the funniest moments involve the characters and their internal struggles. It really doesn’t take long for you to really like these characters, and at some points you do. While they’re weird, brutal, and can feel one-note at times, they develop into much more interesting and serious personalities throughout the course of the series. This review might feel very jumpy, but I really felt the same way throughout Future Man… there was one scene I just wanted to share with everyone and say, look what’s going on here. However, at other moments you think – was this scene really necessary? Overall, this is a very strong sci-fi series with silly ideas and a pretty positive vibe.

So, while I definitely recommend Future Man, it’s important to be honest – the second season really slowed it down, and while it’s pretty funny, overall it feels like a not-so-necessary part of the story. Both the first and third seasons are shorter and much more focused on a cohesive story with a predictable ending. That 15-year-old humor and characters sometimes really work against the series, like you could do a lot better, but just serve up a very bland version. And the ending… um… I’m like her, it’s one of the best ways to end a story, the more I go on, the more I start to wonder if it’s not like that – everything was just a dream with more steps. No, the ending here is not so bad, but the solution seems to have appeared only in the last minutes, and of course this decision was the final one. Together, the characters experience quite interesting journeys, only sometimes you wish that conflicts and lessons learned would not repeat themselves…

Overall – 8/10
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