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Šaltibarščiai Map – Taste the strangest options in Lithuania!

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Šaltibarščiai is not only a delicious and refreshing soup, but also a true classic of Lithuanian cuisine. No, not even a classic, but a true legend. You probably can’t count how many times you’ve slurped up this wonderful dish on a hot summer or maybe a cold winter evening. But have you ever thought about how different restaurants and cities can interpret this traditional dish? This is exactly what we decided to find out, and today we invite you on a trip to Lithuania!

We have collected the most interesting places (as far as we found) that we would recommend you to visit. Which version will be the tastiest? Or are traditional frostbites invincible after all? Take a spoon and go on a journey of extraordinary flavors with us!

Šaltibarščių Map

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Šaltibarščių Žemėlapis

KamBARys – Marijampolė

Grated cold borscht with horseradish and mustard

Our first stop is Marijampole. In the KamBARys restaurant, we tasted mashed cold borscht with horseradish and mustard. At first, everything seems like it shouldn’t stick together, but that’s why it seduced us with its special sharpness and softness at the same time. The spiciness of the horseradish pleasantly flooded the nose, while the mustard added a subtle but noticeable kick. However, the taste quickly returns to normal, and although you can still taste the horseradish, a blooming horseradish flavor appears on top. Well, I think it adds a lot to this taste that the frosting itself is not thick, and also with an interesting foam on top.

We’ve been thinking a lot about how these cold snaps would work for a hangover… Horseradish in cold snaps can not only add spiciness, but also help boost immunity. Just don’t be afraid, the spiciness we’re talking about is Lithuanian spiciness – it really doesn’t take away your promise and doesn’t make you sweat with every bite. For me, even mild eaters should try KamBARys cold bars.

No Forks Mexican Grill – Vilnius

Mexican cold borscht

In Vilnius, at the restaurant No Forks Mexican Grill, we had the opportunity to taste Mexican saltibarščių or Mexicano Šaltakenos as scientists call them in Latin. These cold snappers were seasoned with chili peppers and other spices. It was a really unusual combination, very exotic. At first we were skeptical… and we remained so. We were expecting spiciness with an aftertaste of cold borscht, but the spices were too overwhelming. It’s certainly an interesting trip to Latin America via a bowl of cold cuts, but the recipe could, at least in our opinion, be improved.

This experience showed that unexpected combinations of ingredients can create a special flood of flavor. The Mexican chutney at No Forks Mexican Grill was a real discovery that fundamentally changed my perception of soups. It was not only a food journey but also an amazing taste adventure!

Restoranas MIŠKE – Anykščiai

Cold borsch with quail eggs

We continue our journey to Anykščias, where we tasted cold bream with quail eggs at Restaurant MIŠKE. These eggs add special delicacy and tenderness to the sliborsty. But honestly, it’s IN THE FOREST such a peaceful atmosphere that when you relax, you just seem to melt into the forest’s hum. I don’t know, maybe we were tired, but the frostbites with small quail eggs looked very nice when they arrived. And their taste did not disappoint! The eggs were soft, but at the same time rich in flavor, perfectly combined with the cold cuts. And here, exactly for such a corner of the forest, this dish was neither too liquid nor too thick, light and fresh. Well, the fern decorations were perfect for Midsummer.

Since this search of ours is to find the most interesting frostbites, we have to admit that everything here is simple, except for those quail eggs. BUT the products are fresh, the presentation is in perfect harmony with the environment, and the taste is excellent. It is simply recommended to visit and relax in the FOREST.

Restoranas Žemaitis – Šiauliai

White cold borsch with potato chips

In Šiauliai, at the Žemaitis restaurant, we tasted white cold bream with potato chips. Well, first of all, these are homemade potato chips – quite an interesting choice. They are perfectly cooked and give a specific crunch, but even now we don’t know if it works or if boiled potatoes would have been better. Secondly, chips, at least for us, are way too much, you could eat two or three bowls of cold cuts with that amount. The white cold borscht itself, unlike the traditional rosé, is made without beets and has a milder taste. And even though it has radishes and other strong-tasting ingredients, it’s quite a refreshing soup. Well, of course, you also need to take a white mixed wine with the white cold borscht, as is otherwise the case in Žemaiti.

Coming back to the cold weather – it’s great that there’s not too much of everything here. The soup itself and everything in it is enough. Especially when you need everything… at least for us it was such a serious challenge. A little more oil on top, beautiful presentation, good service, and otherwise quite a „Lithuanian” feeling – we always recommend to Žemaitis.

Sinchronas – Telšiai

Grated cold borscht with Džiugas hard cheese

In Telšiai, at the restaurant Sinchronas, we saw mashed cold bream with hard cheese „Džiugas”. Firstly, mashed stilbischti is a great option for summer refreshment, and „Džiugas” cheese added a special… um, umami taste. The saltiness and creaminess of the cold borscht merged into a wonderful combination of flavors. But since the cheese is…well, hard, it seems like the soup itself might not have been fully grated. If another cucumber felt like eating it with Džiugo cheese, maybe it would be even tastier. Well, you won’t know until you try it yourself…

Did you know that „Džiugas” cheese is one of the oldest Lithuanian cheeses, with more than 100 years of history? This is a great example of how a traditional Lithuanian product can enrich a favorite dish. We give it a big plus for that alone, so it’s no surprise that these slobs are competing for our first place. And we recommend visiting Telšiai. A great, calm and nature-filled city – just the thing for fresh cold weather.

Agluona, Račkausku sodyba

Sorrel cold borscht with prawns and pine nuts

In the Klaipėda region, in Agluona, at the Račkauskai farm, we tasted sorrel stilbaršči with shrimps and pine nuts. The pickles gave the cold borscht a pleasant sourness, and the shrimps and nuts – luxury and uniqueness. The soup really looks exceptional… but you know what they say, it’s out of print. It’s similar here. These cold cuts just lack robust flavor. They seem to be about everything and nothing at the same time – the shrimps hardly stick together with the cold, easily felt sourness. Cedar nuts add a peculiar taste, but there are very few of them, so you get a rather interesting consistency, when everything is „soft”, you just need to chew something from time to time.

The main thing is that the soup is not bad, to be more precise, none of the cold borschts I ate were bad, but compared to the others, it just lacked that zing to surprise. Well, the sorrel cold bars were really fresh and light, so if you’re passing by, stop by Agluonas!

Juodasis kalnas – Juodkrantė

Cold borscht and baked potato with peel

In Juodkrantė, at the restaurant Juodasis kalnas, we were waiting for traditional štilibaršči. Well, really traditional, the only difference is that this version is served with a fried potato with skin. And let’s admit, this trip made me look at potatoes in a different way, especially with the peel and a little spices and butter… Although the ščiliboršči themselves are tasty, not overloaded with content, and of high quality, the biggest part of the taste was determined by that potato.

The potato was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, which went well with the refreshing cold cuts. And we still have such a plus to give for the fact that the egg was not spared. If it’s classic, it has to be a LOT of egg…

Sakutis – Nida

Sorrel cold borscht

In Nida, in the cafe Sakutis, we tasted white sorrel šalbarški. These cold snaps were refreshing and slightly sour, perfect for a hot day. It’s great that the competition was not spared in this place. If I were a drunken poet in the dunes, I would write something like – The first spoonful reminded me of a fresh breeze basking in the hot sun. The consistency is neither too thick nor too liquid, but maybe you would like a little more egg. Although the potatoes are simple, they are deliciously roasted and went very well with these cold dishes.

It’s no wonder that this option easily takes the third place on our list – it’s fresh, tasty, and like Nida, not so expensive. Oh, and sorrel soup now that you think about it, you won’t find it everywhere, which is a pity, after all, it’s such a „Lithuanian” soup… Well, we suggest you stop by Sakutis and say – I have a portion of sorrel soup.

Kuchmistrai – Lukšiai

Green cold borscht with grilled potato

In Lukšiai, at the Kuchmistrai restaurant, we tasted raw cold borscht with potatoes fried on coals. These cold borschts were special both in their color and taste… It’s more of a light, pony-like soup, which, both in its consistency and quantity, is more like a light and refreshing snack. It’s delicious, but it’s hard to understand what that main flavor should be.But again, we were most captivated by the fried potato… The aroma of smoke gave it a special taste, and the butter with seeds allowed everything to unfold even more.

Quite a lot of nuts and greens (well, because they are green and stilts) give saltek the appearance of such a wet salad. And although there are many hangovers for potatoes, we will still have to put the soup on the second side of the top. And do we recommend you try it? Really so. We recommend visiting here for the atmosphere and, well, the really royal art.

Palė Alė Bar – Kaunas

Cold borscht with capers

We ended the trip in Kaunas, at the Palė Alė Bar restaurant, where we tasted cold borscht with capers. The capers added piquancy and freshness to the cold borscht. But what would you believe – we have already eaten this version at another place of this owner. Only then… they were soooo delicious, and here, we were kind of asking for it in almost every sense. The capers are not chopped, so every now and then you catch a little bit bigger than you expect. Also, everything is a little too much, before they were quite a light purple color, nicely decorated, and now they look like an excess of dill and look like they were mixed „on speed”.

Although we say that there were no unpalatable šliboršči, this time even the potatoes did not help to save the dish. If you are in the center of Kaunas, we suggest stopping by here for a beer, maybe the cold drinks will be better next time…

This trip around Lithuania proved that stiltbaršči can be very diverse and unusual. Many cities and restaurants have their own unique version that enriches the traditional dish with new flavors and textures. So, the next time you travel around Lithuania, be sure to try šaltiboršči in different places – maybe it won’t always be tastier than the original, but what an interesting experience!

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