The best Sushi in Kaunas

The best Sushi in Kaunas


Do you want to know the TOP of our favorite sushi? Or maybe you want to vote yourself and help choose the Best Sushi Place in Kaunas? This page is just for you!

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And if you find a new place to add to this Best Sushi in Kaunas list, take photos of sushi that make you drool and send them to us or tag them on #twosidesblogas.

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Inexpensive but really tasty.

Food 4/5 - Baltic Street 4B - Link

#2 Hongyan

Traditional and delicious.

Food 4/5 - Raudondvarios pl. 60b - Link

#3Sushi City

True masters of sushi.

Food 4/5 - Savanorių pr. 276 - Link

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The best sushi in Kaunas?


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Can't find it which place would you like to vote for? write or leave us a comment and we'll be sure to add it to the list.

What matters most when choosing the "best" sushi, in our opinion, are 3 main things - Rice, Who Inside, and Preparation.

It would be stupid rice would not affect the taste of this dish. It is known that the rice must be cooked well, but it must also be of a certain consistency and a certain type of rice. It's really easy to "feel" when you eat sushi with poor quality rice, it usually ruins the whole dish. After all, when you are constructing something, it is important to have a good foundation, and everything else is much easier to "adjust".

Well, it is already logical that it is what's inside, that's why it will be important. Yes, a large part of the taste is the quality and freshness of the product, for us sushi is definitely the food for which it seems "logical" to pay more. However, another part of the taste is how those products are cut and how they are combined. Yes, many places offer you a standard menu, with California or Philadelphia, but even making the same recipe, the quality and taste can vary greatly.

Preparation sushi is much more important than other dishes, steak can be put on the plate in any way, you can also eat a burger with a knife and fork, but poorly made sushi is already a sin. So it is very important that everything inside "holds together" and not just fall apart more strongly when you look at the piece. The size of the cut is also important, sometimes if you have to put sushiuka the size of a brick in your mouth, well, I think it's not a fun experience for many. This is not even talking about how Wasabi must have a real good taste and spiciness, and not just the color to remind the original. And of course, both soy and ginger should be at least of normal quality.

Think you could make more delicious sushi than here? Or do you have some old secret uncle's recipe that will blow the roof off all the suckers in your company? Write to us and we will try to create an article or video about it, and we will also throw in some beer as a prize. Who doesn't want beer as a prize? Um? 

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