The best food in Kaunas

The best food in Kaunas - TOPs

Sometimes it's so hard to choose where to eat, and sometimes it's so hard to answer the question "where would you recommend for a delicious meal?"? This existential problem gave rise to the idea of having a list of favorite places. Not just for others to recommend, but so that you yourself quickly remember something good to eat.

And we don't want to leave our readers without "voice", so we added a voting option to each category. This way you too will be able to influence and contribute to users TOP choice, why not vote?

Tops are such a thing that they can either cover a lot, like for example the "Best Lithuanian Food" or be very specific, say "Best Cepelinai", and it all depends on how many such places there are in Kaunas, and how actively our readers participate in it... So if you think that you can find at least 3 places of a very specific thing in Kaunas, be sure to write to us on Facebook or leave a comment here, and we will decide what will happen OUR TOP, and what you choose.

And if there are many angry users who shout - "Pala, if there are the best, then where are the worst?” - well, then you will have to reconsider choosing the WORST dishes or restaurants. I really think that together we would discover one more wanderlust in the restaurants of Kaunas. So if it is interesting, don't be too shy, send your photo and write a comment, although no, maybe don't send a photo, with you, I think I know which photos I would get the most...

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