The Matrix Reloaded Review

The Matrix Reloaded Review


Four hundred and fifty-six people, all of whom have experienced financial hardship in their lives, are invited to play a mysterious survival game. They compete in a series of traditional and very simple children's games, but all games are deadly, they risk their lives just to take 45.6 billion. Billion ($38.5 million) prize. All the suffering and suffering just to fill your pockets…

The Matrix Reloaded  The Matrix Reloaded(2003) on IMDb

2h 19min
Action, Sci-Fi

Technicality - 7/10

Story - 6/10

Characters - 7/10

The Matrix Reloaded

Description: Freedom fighters Neo, Trinity and Morpheus continue to lead the rebellion against the machine army, unleashing their extraordinary arsenal of skills and weapons against the systematic forces of repression and exploitation. Neo's story continues, but this time we will meet new enemies, or maybe a face that has been seen for a long time will appear. The most important goal is to save the last human city.

However, most of the film still retains the style of The Matrix, lots of really good fights, lots of good special effects, and the characters even seem to be trying harder. And I will admit that some philosophical thoughts are really interesting and stay even after the movie. You can see that a lot of work was put into making the best movie possible.

The first Matrix had a very good balance between gunfights and philosophical thoughts, although one idea does not stand out from the other. Unfortunately, this is where philosophical ideas start to take over. The fights, although impressive, have almost 0 tension and in the end you get the feeling that the filmmakers consider you stupid and repeat the same ideas for the 5th time so that you, dunduk, will already catch this war. And under the thunder, why was it necessary to return Agent Smith by simply saying "Eh mumbo jumbo that's the way it is".

Trying to wrap up a story that they already wrap up in the first movie, and do it much faster, presents a major problem. Everything starts to feel rushed, if in the first matrix the actions of the characters were simple and logical, now they act as if what they say is the most important thing. You all know that 16-year-old matriarch with a leather jacket and a katana who writes "Only God will forgive me" - so, well, that's how all the characters in the film start to feel.

Overall - 7/10
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