Death to 2020 Review

Death to 2020 Review


Take a look at the crazy year of 2020 in this comic retrospective.

Death to 2020  Death to 2020(2020) on IMDb

1 hour 10 minutes
TV Special 27 December 2020

Technicality - 8/10

Story - 7/10

Characters - 7/10

Death to 2020

Description: Take a look at the crazy year of 2020 in this comic retrospective. This documentary will look at several major events from a slightly different angle, from the pandemic to the unrest in America. A host of famous actors and comedians will travel with you on this fun roller coaster.

If you feel nostalgic in 2020 and would like to remember where you were and what you were doing when the biggest events of the year happened, here will be a fun roller coaster during which you keep asking "did it really happen?". And the mocking tone of the documentary and famous comedians channeling different professions make this a very easy hour to watch. It is fun and strange to look at the events that have already been experienced, which are now neatly arranged in a row.

Most of the time, the humor in the film is successful, some appeals to the viewer or the information shown really make you cringe. And the year was strange and stupid enough, so to laugh together at the common madness, maybe nothing at all. And technically, this film is quite well made, it has its own style and tone.

It's a bit of a shame that the second half of this mockumentary is super focused on America, it's not too bad, a lot of "Curiosity" really happened there, but I'd like to feel that there are other parts of the world as well. Also, some of the jokes go on a little too long and start to lose their wit.

Overall - 7/10
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