Alice In Borderlands Review

Alice In Borderlands Review

Alice in Borderland  Alice in Borderland(2020) on IMDb

8x50 min
Fantasy, Action, Mystery

Technicality - 8/10

Story - 7/10

Characters - 7/10

Alice In Borderlands

Description: A group of friends just having a good time on carefree summer days. But suddenly they are taken to the world of "Borderland", where they must participate in strange and cruel games or die. Little by little, not only more details are revealed about this strange world where only a few people seem to be left, but also about the characters themselves, who each have their own complicated pasts. 

The production quality of the series is really good, although you shouldn't expect anything worse, you can expect that from most Japanese people. You won't see very big special effects here, but the developers find interesting ways to depict abandoned cities, large arenas, or just statistically present the games themselves. And this is not exactly "Saw", where half of the traps are intended to cause "Sleikštulis", here it is much more psychological fear and manipulation.

I'm a bit torn, because the second half of the series changes both the style and the dynamics of the characters. On the one hand, it made me ask who, why, how, where, and a hundred more questions, and the tone itself seems to have even forgotten what story is being told. But on the other hand, it greatly enlivened the whole action and breathed new intrigue into what is a fairly simple story. And the characters themselves are diverse, some seem like real people, others you want to shoot yourself just to shut up.

This was probably the first series I watched on 1.5 speed on Netflix, and not because there was anything very boring or bad. However, the story has a certain style that drags out shots or emotions for a very long time. Sometimes a single shot style is used where you have to wait quite a long time for the camera to come to its place. It doesn't help that very little happens in terms of story, most of the time is spent on the characters, and the world itself or its systems become somewhat forgettable.

Overall - 7/10
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