Zaliukė review

Žaliukė Review - Bread Ice Cream?

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There really aren't many places in the city of Kaunas where you can get delicious shashlik. Probably, if we asked you where to look for such places, you should turn your head. However, "Green grass" has been working for a very long time and still exists for a reason.

Žaliukė Overview - Environment 4/5

Although there are not many parking spaces, there are several parking lots near the Acropolis. Upon entering, you are greeted by a stone-decorated interior with wood carvings, creating a cozy yet solid environment.

Zaliukė Overview - Service 4/5

The kind waitress took our order and gladly answered our questions (strangely, but it doesn't always happen like that). The appetizers arrived quite quickly and did not disappoint us. We usually eat dessert first.

This time we chose bread-flavored ice cream, which, oddly enough, we have never seen anywhere else. The kebabs themselves arrived on a special plate that is perfect for holding the skewer.

Zaliukė Overview - Food 4/5

But the following observation came up, it is really more fun to get a portion of shashlyki with a skewer, but it is a bit difficult to take a hot skewer and tear off the shashlyki yourself without spilling or burning everything. But after all, the point is barbecue, so how are they? Soft and tasty, definitely not mom's baked goods, but at least in that direction. The meat is nicely fried and juicy, and the side dish is really enough.

Zaliukė Overview - Price 4/5

As they say, everything is neither too much nor too little, and we were satisfied with the price. Here you can also buy and cook barbecue yourself, so you will probably pay more than in some Maxima, but the taste will be "stronger".

Zaliukė Overview The verdict is 16/20

A great place to try delicious barbecue, or just take it out and practice your grilling skills. It's hard to find a similar place in the center of Kaunas that is so focused on Shashlyki, so if you can't imagine your summer without juicy pieces of meat, here it will be faster than making a fire yourself.

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