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Viva Pizza & Sushi & Wok Review - Everything Together

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New places sprout like mushrooms after the rain. Well, well, maybe not new, but we sometimes notice new things only after a while. And so today"we discovered” a place that has been open for a long time - Viva Pizza & Sushi & WOK. Here, you wonder if they could have come up with a longer name. We were joking, but really, it's good that it clearly tells you what you can find here, almost not the whole menu. But here's the problem again.. we all know that when you do 100 jobs, you don't get any done EXCELLENT, will it be the same here, or maybe an exception? Let's find out….

Viva Pizza & Sushi & Wok Review - Ambiance 4/5

The place is very simple, neat. The restaurant is located in Šil, located in Noreikiškės, so there is plenty of room to park your car really you will find Maybe it will be much more difficult to reach this end only by bus.

There may not be much space inside, but you will find several tables here if you want to eat. This place, as is probably obvious, is more focused on food for takeout.

Viva Pizza & Sushi & Wok Review - Service 4/5

We don't have any major complaints about the service, everything is fine, but we could call the service mostly "Formal” or “Cold”. In that there is nothing wrong, you just don't feel very welcome when you visit. We have to give points for preparation and delivery time. Most of the time, we get home deliveries even earlier, and there is no need to wait for "unconscious" times when ordering food.

  Viva Pizza & Sushi & Wok Review - Food 4/5

Because you can try everything at once we wouldn't be able to, it doesn't matter what our looks say, so we've been here a few times. The pizzas did not surprise us the first time, the ingredients are enough and everything looks good, but the taste, unfortunately, did not impress us.


The second time was much nicer. Maybe we hit "on the shift", or maybe we just found something, just for us. In summary - we found one of our new favorites - Royal Pizza. Delicious crispy base, quality beef on top and marinara sauce on top that unites everything - we already put this pizza on the Top list just because of it. 

Just a small observation, why display sliced peppers on pizza if you weren't even going to cut them. Nothing bad, really, but just strange, you think maybe it was "too much" work. The pizzas are really not bad, but you need to find your own version, for now we recommend ⅔ of the food in this restaurant. 

The sushi was so average, after taking several different options for tasting, we can say that the sushi will be of high quality, only some may be a bit "bland". The wasabi was not bad, we didn't have anything to cling to the soy either, and the rice itself and the rice were OK, some pieces were more "Pabiri" and a little stuck to each other. And how do you add a higher price... well, we don't have anything bad about sushi, but we wouldn't recommend it just because of the price. Here, unfortunately, competitors win…

Burgers, although, as we understood, are new, they really did not disappoint. They are big and rich, the bun is soft but not soggy, and everything doesn't try to escape through the other side when eating. However, the taste did not make it our favorite, although we ate the burger quite quickly. There was no problem with the fries either, they were crispy and had a pretty good "coating" of spices. So you won't be disappointed, but something always "didn't stick", maybe it was the cheese, maybe some unusual ingredient, but unfortunately we won't be able to include it in the TOP 3 burger places.

What's nice is that the burger is packed well, so even for takeaways, you won't have to take it out of the package, which has already managed to do a kick-flip 15 times in the car. And the fact that 2 sauces are added can also be counted as a plus.  

We really didn't have to be disappointed with Woku, everything here is quite tasty and the portion is quite "enough" to eat. The only downside for us is that there wasn't too much meat. Although you can't expect the biggest selection here, everything is quite high-quality. The vegetables were tasty and well cooked, and the pasta was no problem either. True, WOK was destroyed earlier.

So in summary - the price here is higher and sometimes does not match the quality and taste of the dishes. I will repeat one more time, you will definitely not be served something inedible or spoiled here, everything is just like "OK", but for only "OK" you pay more... well, it's not so "cool".

Viva Pizza & Sushi & Wok Review - Price 3/5

The price here is a bit higher than in many similar places. You will leave 10 euros for a large pizza, about 7 euros for a WOK, and 5 euros on average for sushi. While it's not space, when you add the location and everything else, the price is perhaps the biggest deterrent to this place. It's delicious, but there are restaurants that can provide similar quality, which are simply closer or cheaper.

Viva Pizza & Sushi & Wok Review Verdict - 15/20

Will we come here again? Yes, indeed. WOKs and Pizzas are tasty and of high quality, you just need to choose your option. The location may not be the most convenient, but the interior is cozy and there is plenty of space for the car. If you really want to get everything in one place, be it sushi, pizza or wok, we think VIVA will definitely not disappoint you. Well, now is the time for you to taste it and leave a comment under this article. 

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