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This time, traveling to work outside of Kaunas, we got really hungry. We decided to storm Jurbarkas and attack some food establishment. Well, to attack, maybe it's too strong, but when you're hungry... well, you know... So after about an hour we had already looked at our victim... StarPizza Jurbarkas.

Star Pizza Jurbarkas Review - Environment 4/5

We immediately give a plus to the environment. A large parking lot, cozy outdoor tables, and a beautiful color design. You can really feel at home when you arrive. And the tables are not so crowded that you have to share plates with your neighbor. 

The interior is neat and cozy, maybe a bit dark, but the weather was nice, we sat outside, so there was nothing to look around inside. Overall, a very fun place, only the chairs could be a little softer.

Star Pizza Jurbarkas Review - Service 3/5

We have no major complaints about the service, the food arrived quickly, and the waitress who served us answered the main questions. The menu itself is quite clear and nicely presented, but don't expect to find a choice of mountain here, everything here is short and clear. 

We liked the service, it didn't interfere with enjoying the food.

  Star Pizza Jurbarkas Review - Food 3/5

I'll get ahead of the events and say that the food is for us quite liked it, only some dishes were a little more thought out than others….

Let's start with what the restaurant itself calls their pride. Beef steak served on lava stone. The dish really looks delicious and juicy, and the overall presentation was really nice. The salad and sauces that came with the meat were delicious… But…

But the meat itself wasn't the best quality, and although we had sauces, it seemed like the meat needed at least some preparation when it was crying. The steak felt quite "blank" if you can put it that way. It would also be nice to have a plate to transfer the meat to when you don't want it to cook. Because now you either eat fast or burn!

We found both pluses and minuses for baked bread. The bread itself is nicely baked and not too hard, so you won't break your teeth. The melted cheese on top not only looks fun when you try to pick up a piece, but it also tastes great.

However, we had a problem with the garlic. It looks nice when you present the garlic just like that, but now you don't grate that garlic on the bread yourself, nor do you just eat it. With so much cheese, you just wanted it "seasoned" right away, instead of building it yourself as you want...

The dessert was very cheerfully presented, but if we didn't know what it was, it would take a long time to convince us that it was eaten for that reason. The pot looks like... Well, a real pot, but it turns out to be quite convenient to eat from such a container. The dessert was fresh and delicious, so it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

And now for the pizza... Um, the pizza was simple, but extraordinary, no matter how worn out the saying is. The sole is thin, but well cooked and although there are really not a mountain of ingredients, they all go well together. The taste was not really surprising, but it was enough to eat.

Star Pizza Jurbarkas Review - Price 4/5

In terms of price, everything is logical. We paid maybe 30 euros for dinner. Of course, a beef steak on a lava stone will cost you about 12 euros, but as the menu says, this is their pride, and you buy such a thing more for the experience than for the food. 

We didn't leave the whole salary for the drinks either, and the snacks and desserts are within the limits of 4-5 euros. So after eating so much, in the end, we didn't have any big observations about the price.

Star Pizza Jurbarkas Review The verdict is 14/20

In summary - a beautiful environment with a cozy interior, beautiful presentation of food and quite a large menu. The prices are not high, and the portions are enough to fill you up. The food may not have been anything special, but we left in a better mood because of it. 

It is possible to try at least once just for presentation.

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