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Raudondvaris Kebabai Review - When No Words Are Needed

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Food 2/5

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Environment - 2/5

On our way to the village, we decided to stop and grab some fast food. This time, our target was a small kebab shop in Raudondvary. The little metal house doesn't really look like a place where you get fast food.

The sign "kebabs" is barely visible from a distance, so if you don't know that they are here, you will have a hard time finding this place. However, we had already heard about this place, so we went straight to the counter to order.

The selection is quite wide: kebabs and pitas, sausages and grilled chicken. Everything is like in a standard kebab shop, there is not a forest of choices, but you will find something to serve.

Here we are immediately surprised, it turns out that they have pitas, and the curse that has haunted us for so long has finally disappeared. So we decided to try pita, a kebab on a plate and a simple kebab.

The saleswoman served us quite kindly, accepted our order and informed us that everything would be ready in 15 minutes. Walking around Raudodvaris, time passed quite quickly and we finally had food in our hands.

Everything is as per the plan, only... Only the food, unfortunately, had to be very disappointing. The kebabs melted and soaked almost immediately, and became difficult to eat. The meat was average in terms of flavor, although not burnt or inedible, but the meat itself was dry and almost tasteless.

We also had to be disappointed with the sauce, there was far too much of it in all kebabs and pita. The salad felt stagnant and no longer the first youth. The kebab on the plate had similar problems, and while the fries weren't bad at all, the overall dish didn't impress.

But at least we will be able to enjoy the pita, after all, we have been looking for it for so long... Unfortunately, we have to be disappointed here as well, the edges of the pita are too thin to withstand so much sauce. After unpacking the pita, one of its edges is torn in several places, and the whole combination of sauce and filling just falls out.

It was not possible to eat pita without a plate this time. In terms of taste, the same problems: too much sauce, the meat is dry and tasteless, and the vegetables are quite stale. It's a pity, but I had to be disappointed with today's purchase. The service and the price were quite good, but the taste and the quality itself unfortunately make me not recommend this place.

Verdict - 11/20 - A simple kebab stand, which, unfortunately, cannot boast of delicious food. Too much sauce and tasteless meat tells us to skip this place in our food search.

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