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It seems that we traveled around Lithuania quite recently. We wandered around small towns, parks, museums. Ah, those fun times when you didn't have to pass each other within 20 meters on the streets. This time, our wanderings took us to the distant but extremely beautiful region of Biržai. So remembering the good times, we present to you next summer's destination - Restaurant "Alaus kelias".

Beer has been brewed in the Biržai region since the end of the 11th century. He comes from a family of brewers who lived here Jonas Chygas, was famous for its beer throughout Lithuania, so it is not surprising that 1990 In 2010, Rimantas Čygas, son of John, together with his relatives Petrus and Sigitus Kalkais established the "Rinkuškių" real business partnership. 1991 at the beginning of the year, using the authentic recipe of Jonas Čygas beer, now in the wooden vats on display here, the first beer was brewed. Since then, the brewery has grown relentlessly and today it is one of the largest breweries of Lithuanian capital in Lithuania, and its beer is already shelves in more than 15 countries worldwide.

this place created by a family of brewers, which adheres to the old traditions of brewing - beer is brewed only from pure water (a 136-meter well in Rinkuškii territory), hops and barley malt. When brewing beer here, light barley, caramel or a combination of several barley malts are used, and the brewery uses aromatic and bitter hops. transported even from the distant Hallertau region in Germany. We were happy to learn that here we will not get "diluted" beer full of impurities.

This won't be our simple review, as we didn't get a chance to try enough of everything, just a few snacks and a tasting…

Restaurant "Alaus kelias" OverviewEnvironment 5/5

We visited the brewery's restaurant on a warm and extremely sunny autumn day. To avoid baking in the sun, we sat down at a comfortable table on the terrace of the restaurant and enjoyed the great weather and fresh surroundings.

The interior here is really beautiful, dolomite and limestone are used for decoration - the treasures of the Biržai region. The interior of the restaurant is quite chic, the walls are decorated 1654 map of Biržai Principality painted on canvas. From the ancient brewer's granary on the second floor, authentic barrels and various rakes, which were necessary for beer production in the past, protrude. There is really a lot of space here. You can sit inside or on the outdoor terrace. Well, if you want to feel at home, you just have to go to the restaurant's patio, where comfortable beanbags under large umbrellas await you. 

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So here you will not only find several different places to sit, but everything is neat and cozy. As if you were shopping with a neighbor...

Restaurant "Alaus kelias" Overview - Service 5/5

The restaurant can accommodate up to 200 people, and the restaurant is visited by approx 100 thousand customers, but the service still remains warm and pleasant. The guy who served us had a great sense of humor as he told us about the restaurant and the tasting.

When you visit here, you can feel at home. The employees make you feel welcome and important, so the stay really doesn't last long. It is always a very necessary thing in such places, waiters who know about the beer itself and its process. There was no problem here either. all questions were answered and the flavors of beer were very vividly described.

  Restaurant "Alaus kelias" Overview - Food 4/5

The restaurant's menu is not insanely wide, but it will definitely surprise and delight many. You probably won't be surprised that you will definitely find beer in more than one dish here. From beer soup to beer sauces, this great product's uses are sure to impress.

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to taste the menu this time (we only ordered a few snacks, which, by the way, were really tasty here and went well with the beer), so it's obvious that we won't be able to tell you too much about the food. A little later, in order to make up for such a loss, we horribly destroyed the drinks and delicacies shop located right there.

Well, let's get to the point, let's jump right into the tasting! 

In order for you to feel and try the real spirit of Rinkuškii, the brewery came up with an idea various tours and educational programs. For the first visit, we have chosen perhaps the simplest but most attractive mini-program. This is perfect for small companies, maybe for those who are a little hesitant to spend a few hours on educational excursions. During it you get even nine flavors of the most popular "Rinkuškių" beer (100 ml each), and a tray of delicious snacks. In addition, you also have the opportunity to visit the authentic Žaldok barn and the company's museum. The tasting does not require advance reservations, you choose where to sit yourself, and the seating time is unlimited. What could be better?

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There were six of us here, so we got three beer tasting trays. And yes, when glasses are filled with a hundred milliliters of te, you can think that you will neither taste nor drink here. However, our pride is always to overestimate our strength, so by the end of the tasting, we had already had a lot of fun.

Restaurant "Alaus kelias" Overview - Price 4/5

Of course, the price of these tastings differs from what you will exactly want. This package that we arranged will cost €12, other excursions can cost around €30 per person. This certainly won't be the cheapest place you've eaten, both in terms of beer and food. But when you add up everything you get, this price is really balanced.

Restaurant "Alaus kelias" Overview Verdict 18/20

You won't be disappointed when you come here. The journey from Kaunas is far, but oh so worth it, and if you are still passing by, it is simply impossible not to stop by. Great atmosphere, friendly staff and lots of delicious beer, food and other delicacies. The prices are affordable and will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of this place without worrying too much.

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