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Sometimes places open up and close, but you don't want to throw away the reviews you've already made, so this time - Closed Restaurant Reviews...

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Rmano Express - 2019!

Environment 4/5 – Although it's a fast food restaurant that usually doesn't have the space and the best decor, this place is different. You are greeted by a clean and bright space with many places to sit, all art written on neatly arranged screens. There are certainly plenty of places to sit and eat or drink coffee, and you won't have to rush here.

Service 5/5 - The selection of dishes is quite wide, from hot dogs to pizzas, from burgers to rolls/kebabs with everyone's favorite STIX. The girl who worked at the counter was very happy to serve us, and quickly answered all our questions, and often we have a lot of them. Deciding to try the pizza, hot dog and roll, we ordered and were VERY surprised. It turns out that when buying complexes after 3 p.m., we also get free coffee.

RMano Express Review
RMano Express Review
Reviews of Closed Restaurants

Food 4/5 – Almost everywhere, both on pizza and in salads, kebab meat is used (it's true that there is only one choice of pizza, so don't expect a variety of pizzas). The meat is tasty and well prepared, but, at least for us, it is a little too salty, although it did not completely spoil the taste. The pizza base is baked and the pizza, although quite simple, is very tasty even when it is cold.

As for such a price, it is tasty and you can eat really well. The girl working at the counter immediately warned us about the spiciness of the mustard and other sauces, so the hot dog became a firework when it reached the accumulated mustard sauce. The hot dog is not very special, a choice of dairy or hunter sausage.

Price 4/5 - After paying really little for such amount of food, having coffee and filling our bellies with delicious food, we decided that the experiment was successful and this place will become our new SPOT.

Rman Express Verdict - 17/20

Reviews of Closed RestaurantsWhen did RMano Express close??

RMano Express received its last Google reviews about 2 years ago in early 2021. This place really disappeared from sight very quickly.

Lithuanian Pub Entry - 2019!

Environment 5/5 – The pub is located almost in the heart of the old town, so it's really hard not to notice this place. Beautiful terrace, light interior, pleasant staff. Since 2003, the PUB-style bar-restaurant has tried to nurture and convey the culture and cuisine of interwar Kaunas. Although you can find various dishes here, Lithuanian dishes and their variations dominate.

It's very fun that apart from steaks, burgers and salads, you can find dishes that are rarely found anywhere else. In addition to the standard menu, we also found the Smetoniška menu, from which we could not only choose interwar delicacies, but also read some information about this period.

Service 4/5 – We have to mention, the service was excellent, the waiter who served us was very kind to answer our questions. We never felt left to our own devices, but there was no intrusive eye contact either. However, when it comes to food, we were not satisfied with everything. Although the frostings arrived on a nice white plate, apparently they didn't make it all the way, because the whole side of the plate was run over.

Food 4/5 – The cold borschts themselves were quite dark in color and weren't the worst for us to taste, but they were much too thick for our taste, cut very coarsely and really lacked flavor. Well, at least a pinch more than needed.

The ribs arrived beautifully garnished with carrots and beans. But we have to mention one fact - the corner of the plate was chipped. While this shouldn't be a huge problem, it's just a noticeable fact at higher level locations. Well, coming to the taste, the ribs were juicy but lacked a bit of spice. The BBQ sauce was also not surprising, but the amount of meat on the bone was enough to eat.

Pozharski's cutlet, which came from the interwar period itself, was a completely different story. A piece of chicken served on a large plate and topped with vegetables looked really delicious. The chicken was deliciously cooked and juicy, and the sauce itself added a unique flavor. The portion was enough to calm the stomach.

Lithuanian Pub Entry Overview
Lithuanian Pub Entry Overview

Price 4/5 - After paying the relatively small bill, we felt quite happy and full. The service was really good and the portion sizes are really affordable compared to the prices here. Although there were a few downsides due to the taste and the presentation itself, but all in all, we had a delicious meal and had a pleasant time.

Lithuanian Pub Entry Verdict – 17/20

Reviews of Closed Restaurantswhen Lithuanian Pub Entry closed?

Lithuanian Pub Entry received the last reviews in September 2022. What will open there?

Gorilla Burgers - 2020!

Environment 4/5 – You can find this recently opened mobile kitchen Raudondvaris road. Very close to the atomic bunker and the territorial customs of the city. The place is quite convenient, clearly visible. And the car can be parked right next to the kiosk or a little further at the till. A faster way for those who don't want to waste time is to order by phone and just grab it while driving by. By the way, you can easily pay by card here. During the day, the bus is quite simple and tidy. The combination of rusty style and blue color looks beautiful. The essentials are written on the glass display case, and the white gorilla head logo is clearly visible.

Service 4/5 - You can find this recently opened mobile kitchen Raudondvaris road. Very close to the atomic bunker and the territorial customs of the city. The place is quite convenient, clearly visible. And the car can be parked right next to the kiosk or a little further at the till. A faster way for those who don't want to waste time is to order by phone and just grab it while driving by. By the way, you can easily pay by card here. During the day, the bus is quite simple and tidy. The combination of rusty style and blue color looks beautiful. The essentials are written on the glass display case, and the white gorilla head logo is clearly visible.

Food 3/5 – On our first visit, we chose two burgers: American and with egg. We wanted to take them all one by one, but we decided not to be greedy. And we did it very correctly... Perhaps the easiest way to describe these burgers is as follows: very very very much... The amount of individual products is not large, but the most diverse and different things that do not fit in our head are loaded here so much that there is no distinctive taste left, just one solid porridge, which, after eating, leaves a strange heaviness in the stomach for a long time.

The buns also disappointed us a bit. There are already so many flavors, and here is also a small sample, not particularly tasty and with sesame. It's great fun patties for burgers are made "here and now", however, with a larger number of customers, it puts a lot of effort and the wait is much longer. We also noticed that the meat, at least for us, was a bit salty, and when everything is loaded with so much, every taste just grinds in the mouth. The burger becomes one big jumble of flavors and after a few bites you don't even want to eat anymore.

Here it comes out (in our opinion) another problem. A lot of unnecessary garbage remains after unpacking food. On-premise - yes, it might be nice, but this place isn't even set up for on-premises dining. And since we are talking about takeaway food, we would like boxes that are designed for this service. In this case, the food gets cold in a few minutes, the burger doesn't really get any more flavor, and we didn't feel comfortable eating either. And all this junk costs extra...

Price 4/5 - We would say that the price does not bite. The burger is enough to fill the stomach, because there are also fries with sauce nearby. For just over five euros, you will definitely fill your stomach.

Gorilla Burger Review Verdict - 15/20

Closed Restaurant Reviews - when Gorilla Burger closed?

The last Facebook post by Gorilla Burger was made in September 2022. Maybe the Gorilla bus is still hovering somewhere, like a ghost.

Challapalli - Year 2020!

Environment 4/5 – The restaurant is located in a very convenient location, very close to bus and train stations, so the communication couldn't be simpler. The parking lot is on the other side of the street, so you won't have to go far when you arrive by car either. You can reach this place in all ways. Challapalli – a cozy, calm and extremely warm restaurant that welcomes everyone. The design will certainly not surprise you, everything is simple but certainly not bad.

Service 5/5 - The man who served, unfortunately, did not speak Lithuanian. This can be a problem, but he understood us completely and we really had no problems choosing dishes. But be prepared for both index fingers and a mix of all languages. But the service was just great. The guy answered all the questions asked, he was very happy to tell about the composition and taste of the dishes. He was interested in what we liked and liked and sent very interesting combinations of dishes so that the ratio of price, quantity and quality was the most appropriate. With such a service, it is possible not even to take food, but only to get positive energy.

Food 4/5 – Dosa, Indian pancake with tika masala  - the pancake itself is quite good, the portion is really quite large, the sauce goes well with it. However, the dish itself did not impress us too much, maybe not to our taste. There are a bit too many spices in the filling (well, at least the ones that are not our favourites), and the latter are a bit too chunky. If you don't like it to catch large peppers from soup or other dishes, probably it won't be pleasant here either.

Reviews of Closed Restaurants
Challapalli Review

Chicken 65 and Chicken Manchurian - the chicken is extremely juicy, perfectly cooked. The amount of meat is definitely enough for everyone. You can order this dish with rice, but we recommend choosing it with Biryani or samosas. The ratio of spices and spiciness perfectly reflects Indian culture, so if you don't like spicy be sure to let us know before you buy, as the guy who served said "Everything is mixed". Both dishes are very suitable for a cool autumn evening.

Bryani with chicken – a perfect, delicious combination of rice, chicken and spices. The sauce served on the side helps to tone down the spiciness, but be careful if spicy food isn't your thing. But if you like spicy, everything here will tickle your taste buds wonderfully.

Challapalli Review
Challapalli Review

Price 5/5 - As we understood, the menu here can change quite often, and you can combine each dish, take it with additional side dishes or simply refuse them altogether. The price in this case is hard to say, in total we left 21e here and we certainly didn't feel like we paid too much for such a quantity of delicacies.

 Challapalli Review Verdict – 18/20

Reviews of Closed Restaurantswhen Challapalli closed?

Challapalli was last reviewed in August 2022. Now this place is completely empty.

Lafa Grill - 2021 year!

Environment 3/5 – You can find Lafa Grilis in Šilainiai, on Baltijo Street, right next to Jelo, which was described a little earlier. The restaurant is well visible and easy to find, as it stands right next to the road. Only at the same time, there will not be much space left for the car, and this can become a problem during lunchtime. The environment is very simple. It is warm inside, there is light darkness. There is not much space, but there are a few tables where you can sit down and enjoy your food right there. However, sometimes when you visit you can feel the smell of burning, which does not give confidence. Oddly enough, this smell will not spoil the food, but it is necessary to mention it.

Service 4/5 – Service is warm, friendly. You feel welcome both when ordering by phone and when shopping locally. They will be happy to answer you about the food and suggest what to choose. However, not everything is perfect, sometimes it is difficult to call or predict when the restaurant is open. On Facebook, the working hours are written until 4:00 p.m., but sometimes the restaurant closes at 3:00 p.m., and sometimes you can pick up food until 10:00 p.m. You usually won't have to wait long for the food. We usually wait about 20 minutes, but at lunchtime, we would suggest ordering by phone and a little earlier, because you may have to wait for more than an hour.

Food 5/5 – The menu is not very extensive, but everyone will find something for themselves. Several hot dishes, snacks, burgers and delicious churros for dessert. We'll admit, at first glance, everything didn't give us too much confidence in the taste of the food, we were already prepared for a rather average-tasting lunch, but... But you already understood, we liked this place a lot, that's about the food in short. Pureed vegetable soup - very simple, but not unusual, it reminds of home-made soup, and the bun is also tasty, but maybe there could be more of it.

Pork schnitzel  – crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and most importantly well cooked. The accompanying condiments are perfect for this combination. Mashed potatoes are fluffy and very tasty eaten with meat. Maybe the carrot salad could have been crispier...

BBQ Chicken Wings - the portion is not very big, so it won't be enough for a hotter meal, but it's really good as a snack. The wings are delicious, the meat is tender and well cooked

Squid rings  – warm and crispy. One important thing, at least for us, is the aftertaste, often squid rings taste more like fish than squid. So we prefer squid flavored squid rings (yes we are very "good writers"), it's nice to be able to get exactly those here.

Lafa Grill Overview
Lafa Grill Overview

Burger "Jelapen" - looks very simple from the outside. but don't be fooled, there is something wonderful inside. The meat is juicy, the products are fresh, the bun is quite simple, but soft and gives extra deliciousness. And the name is put here for a reason, if you aim at a good piece of jalapeno, smoke can come out of your ears.

Churros with powdered sugar and caramel - ooo Maryt, if you haven't had warm Churrs, as none of us have, here's a new discovery for you. Warm, soft churros with a delicious caramel sauce make even time stop and then ask yourself "why didn't I know about this before". So if you are not a fan of sweet desserts, definitely try it.

Crispy chicken - the portion is not very large, but it is enough to fill you up. The salad is delicious, the chicken itself is not overcooked, if you are looking for something for a quick meal, this is the place for you. Just maybe such a dish (which needs to be cut more) would be better placed in a lower box. 

Price 4/5 - The price here is small and more reminiscent of the prices of a simple eatery than a fancy restaurant. For lunch, which is the main course and soup, you will pay about 4.70€. However, as we mentioned, the portions are quite large, so the price is very attractive. The main dishes cost about 5-6€, which is more like the prices of a diner. Only the burger is more expensive, you will have to leave €6 for it, but again, the quantity and taste help to justify this price. We ate and it didn't hurt the wallet - win win.

 Lafa Grill Review Verdict - 16/20

Reviews of Closed Restaurantswhen Lafa Grill closed?

Lafa Grill closed in May 2022 and now stands in its place Hungry Fox.

Reviews of Closed Restaurants

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