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Munchies Restaurant Review – Mmmm… Are You Serious?


What do you do when you want to watch a good movie and tuck into a delicious burger on a Friday night? Of course, you probably open Wolt and try to discover something. Here you spot Muncies Bar, a name you've seen before. It seemed like a good idea to eat some good, hearty burgers. But a certain uneasy feeling of mistrust that had engulfed me from the beginning was unfortunately right today.

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What do you do when you want to watch a good movie on a Friday night and tuck into a delicious burger? Of course, you probably open Wolt and try to discover something. Here you notice Muncie's Restaurant, a name seen many times. It seemed like a good idea to eat some good, hearty burgers. But something an uneasy feeling of mistrust, covered from the start, was unfortunately right today.

Munchies Restaurant Review - Environment 4/5

The environment is cozy and tidy. This restaurant/bar has itsmaturity” seems to be trying to create a non-binding and accessible to all. It's a pity, but when you go inside you find the same combination of furniture and interior of the restaurant that used to be here. Everything is beautiful, but you feel a little uncomfortable when you come to just stuff your stomach with greasy burgers. Be that as it may, there will be no shortage of space when you come with a company.

Trying to visit here after dark can be tricky. There are no notes or references in the field, so you may have to wander.

Getting around by public transport probably couldn't be simpler, after all, the restaurant is practically in the same building as the bus station.

Munchies Restaurant Review - Service 4/5

When ordering takeout, evaluating the service is quite a difficult task. But we got the food very quickly, the girl who served us warmly wished us "delicious". So, we would say, the service is not exceptional, but pleasant.

Munchies Restaurant Review - Food 1/5

Let's be honest, we've eaten a lot of tasty, high-quality burgers at really affordable prices, so when someone offers us a burger for 12 euros, it's probably understandable that we expect good quality.

Here... it's hard to even say what's here. You know that feeling when you can't wait to get home, but as soon as you see the food you're in the mood for the whole evening? That's how we could briefly describe this "dinner".

The realization that we were going to be hungry came as soon as we opened the box. Burnt buns and, despite a fair amount of baking paper, a grease-soaked box… not a good start. And yes, yes we didn't eat the food on the spot, but we didn't take it to Riga either, so if your meal that you sell for takeaway becomes visually inedible after 20 minutes, you should think a little or at least inform that you are eating "on impact".

Let's talk more about buns. Strike us with lightning, we do not understand is it that hard to toast a bun without burning it? Do they immediately add carbs to the burger to make it easier for the stomach to digest such junk? It's one thing to slightly toast a bun, it's quite another to have a black, inedible piece of bun. We don't know about you, but it immediately shows how much attention and quality is given to the food here.

It's great that the restaurant wants to respect beef, etc... but hey, since when are patties baked "medium-rare" for takeout? And without warning the customer about it in any way? Do you like the taste of raw meat in your burger? Great, but at least write somewhere what you are going to do? Do we need to ask about each dish ourselves? And what's more, the poor butcher probably didn't add too many spices.

Yes, we gnawed a bit on the sides, but disappointment and hunger completely killed us, so there was no energy left to comment on the freshness and quality of the ingredients. To be honest, I'm drunk like thisexperimental” I make burgers, and at least it doesn't feel like such a random jumble of everything.

Munchies Restaurant Overview - Price 2/5

We paid close to €20 for 2 burgers. The prices are affordable, but when you get such quality, your hands hang down.

Indulging and paying more is not a problem, especially when you want something"more interesting”, but we didn't find anything worth noting here. There are more interesting places around that will offer better quality and much more affordable food.

Munchies Restaurant Review Verdict - 11/20

We will not wrap it in cotton wool. We would not recommend this place, and we do not plan to come here again.

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