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Kebabs, kebabs, and someone still remembers the old days when kebab was a novelty and only in a few places could you find a van that could offer you such a strange thing. Now it seems unimaginable, even crazy, because at every corner, from every window someone turns and tries to sell you a kebab… But the main problem with this food is that most of the time it is disappointing, do you remember the last time you had a really good kebab? We haven't found one that needs to be enjoyed for a long time, so we decided to visit Kebab Point, maybe this will be our new "dot„.

Kebab Point Review - Environment 4/5

I have to admit that the environment is different from many kebab shops in Kaunas and at the same time it is exactly the same as all of them. This is not a van and the whole part of the building, with places to sit and eat and a spacious and bright "waiting room". However, everything is very simple and sterile, the photos placed on the menu simply smell "pulled from the Internet" and such thinking can feel a little overwhelming. Although here you will find more interesting options than just kebab and kebab on a plate.

Again, it's nice to have more space and wait for your kebab in a warm and dry place. And there is a corner for the children so that you don't have to occupy them all the time while you wait. So in general really much better for the van, but you don't feel very warm here.

Kebab Point Review - Service 4/5

We were neither satisfied nor disappointed with the service, at the beginning we had a little difficulty ordering and finding out what was going on. Well, buying a simple kebab will definitely not be a problem, but if you ask what is there or how, you may have trouble understanding what you want to say. It's not too big a problem, and we know how to explain ourselves or show signs, so we really don't judge for not having such a good knowledge of the Lithuanian language.

The food was prepared quickly and the visible part of the kitchen looked pretty neatly, there were several workers behind the counter, very good "jumped everyone" and moments later we were on our way home with our treats.

Kebab Point Review - Food 3/5

I get ahead of the events and immediately say, look at the photos first and then tell me do you think it will be delicious… Well, I'll admit that it wasn't too bad, we ate everything, so it's really here"edible". But the visual quality was very, very poor, the kebab was completely torn and after a few bites we had to switch to plate and fork mode. In general, the visual quality of all dishes is very good did not tempt try them out.

The meat in the kebab was quite tasty and tender, it really matches"kebabs” quality standard. And the sauce itself is very tactically used here, sometimes it seems completely forgotten. The strangest the fact that the sauce used here, at least in our opinion, spoils the overall taste, just some spices beat everything else.


Pizza Kebab, because I think that's the only way to call it, it was one of the strangest things, not only did it look strange, but we also had to think about how to eat it, whether to dig it whole or cut it in half. The biggest problem the thing with this rolled pizza was that it was extremely dry, the edges were crispy, but without the drink, the rest will definitely be hard to stomach. In terms of taste, everything is like a kebab, only it is a little difficult to understand, everything feels so themeless, strangely arranged. maybe yet hot this dish is consumed in a completely different way.

Kebab in a box was the only one that looked really decent, but we were a little disappointed here too, everything was very strangely mixed, so you eat onions on top and somewhere deep you can find normal meat. It feels like you need to mix this dish with a fork, you know, like semolina porridge in childhood. Here, the meat was also quite well prepared, and the vegetables didn't feel like they had been standing for a few days either. And the portion size is sufficient freeze up, but the dish feels a little out of sync, I'll let you in on a little secret, we ate this box first, while the other dishes went twice.

The meat is tasty, the presentation is perhaps not bad, the products do not look out of date, but nothing is connected to a single taste. Maybe we'll stop by again in a few years to see how things have changed, but for now, it does not fall into our list of TOP kebabs.

Kebab Point Overview - Price 3/5

These days the price is very standard, don't expect to buy a kebab for a couple of euros, almost all dishes start from 3-4 euros. How to include the location rental in the price, that it is not just a van, and that offers a slightly different choice, everything becomes quite logical.

BUT we got it food quality could be obtained from 70% of all kebab shops, and unfortunately cheaper, so we remain in the middle when we understand the decisions, but we still cannot evaluate them well.

Kebab Point Review Verdict - 14/20

The main question is would we come back here again? Unfortunately, this place is not in the first place when it comes to kebabs. A slightly higher price, a rather simple but more interesting choice, and the quality of the food itself meant that you can find very similar options around every corner. If you try it, I think you will have a really good meal, only a big question mark will remain, is it still "delicious".

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  • Well, you need to find your favorite here, then it's very tasty. I always ask for Doner with very little sauce, a mix of mild and spicy. I avoid garlic because it's like Hellmanns mayonnaise - greasy and tasteless.
    Such a combination is higher than other places in Kaunas.

  • Kebabs are really delicious, but the service was a bit more difficult, they didn't understand what exactly we wanted and made the wrong size kebabs. But apart from that, it is one of the tastiest kebabs around.

    • Then when we were there, only one of the employees spoke some Lithuanian, the others hardly. We didn't have any big problems, we communicated in both English and signs, but I understand why it can be a little annoying. 🙂