Hongyan Review

Hongyan Review - Chinese Food Sanctuary in Kaunas

3.5/5 - (4 votes)

Only after leaving Raudondvaris pl. on the right side of the ring, there is a white stall on the right, which at first glance looks like a street stall selling fruit or a market stall, you wouldn't say that this is the place where you can find some of the tastiest sushi and Chinese food in Kaunas.

Hongyan Review - Environment 4/5

Upon entering, we find ourselves in a cramped entrance, so a larger company will definitely not be able to choose food at the same time. But since it's a fast food establishment, and the food here is only available for take-out, we don't pay much attention to it.

Hongyan Review - Service 3/5

Upon entering, the girls say hello, but don't even look up, they draw something on a piece of paper, talk to each other. During the entire service, not much attention is paid to the customers and they are mostly busy with their own business or talking. There is that fun feeling, as if you are being served here and you should be happy and say thank you that you are being served at all.

Hongyan Review - Food 4/5

After choosing the dishes we wanted from the wide menu, we ordered and waited for the results, rubbing our hands and hungry bellies. You really don't have to wait long, and after ten minutes we are on our way to taste the food. The portions are really big, and the prices are not too expensive. The sushi rolls are very neat, they are easy to pick up, they don't fall or fall apart when you click them.

Soy, wasabi, and ginger are all enough for one serving. The sushi melts in your mouth and quickly disappears from the table. All dishes are served with rice and cabbage, which I think has become a standard in all Chinese restaurants.

Hongyan review

The meat is tasty, the rice is cooked well enough, and the cabbage is at least not cut into fist-sized pieces. There are not so many sauces and oils that they run over all the edges or overshadow the taste of the dish itself.

Beto, if you are convinced that you have really eaten a delicious sweet and sour soup, we have to disappoint you and at the same time make you happy, because we really recommend trying it right here. After her, like Gustav, you even fall out of your chair.

Hongyan Review - Price 4/5

The price corresponds to the location, you really won't have to leave your entire salary here. As for a small restaurant located in such a place, everything is balanced. Unfortunately, you can't pay by card here, so make sure you have cash in advance.

Hongyan Review Verdict - 15/20

Although it is not a perfect place in all aspects, but the taste and quality of the food is amazing. We recommend this place to all Chinese food and sushi lovers.

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