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One of the most difficult questions we often have to answer is where to eat with family or friends. You really don't want to leave a bucket of money, but you also want variety and delicious food, so how do you solve this difficult dilemma? We decided to sleep in Taikos Ave. at Amber Grill and see if this will be the solution to our dilemma. Inside, you are immediately greeted by a very cozy and spacious interior. Dark accents with light walls and large windows create a warm yet somewhat sterile atmosphere.

Fortress Amber Grill Review - Environment 4/5

There is really a lot of space, the tables and chairs are comfortable, but maybe after the reconstruction, the two parts of the restaurant look different and resemble a Frankenstein from two different places, but this does not prevent you from enjoying the food. We were impressed with the food selection. Such a wide menu allows everyone to find the dish they want. However, maybe not everything is rosy here. The selection of soups is really small, as well as there is only one dessert here, but it is rarely available, and the selection of beer cannot be boasted either.

Fortress Amber Grill Review - Service 4/5

Although it is really nice that many dishes can be taken with or without fries, you can take other side dishes or sauces if you want. After the waiter wrote down our order, we waited quietly for our food.

Many who have visited here will tell you that the portions at Amber Grill are certainly not small. Taipanone and us. We got a whole bowl of spicy soup, you could eat freely from the soup alone, as well as with necklaces and a tortilla roll, the size of the portions (especially with fries) will definitely not leave anyone hungry.

Fortress Amber Grill Review - Food 4/5

The plates are nice and wide, the food is arranged neatly, nothing falls over the edges, but it doesn't look like one dumpling on a huge plate. The taste does not disappoint here either, the meat is deliciously cooked and juicy, the salad is fresh and tasty. The spicy soup, while not turning your throat into a living dragon, is thick and cheesy, just like the bread, which, as usual, is not over-dried and baked to a perfect crisp.

The fries are sometimes very tasty, sometimes a bit too dry, it's a matter of luck, but if you have to say it in general - quality products and preparation give a really good, although perhaps not perfect, taste. And when the bill arrives and you see how little you spread, and you stuffed your belly like a dragon, it becomes even tastier.

Fortress Amber Grill Review - Price 5/5

As always, we leave this place very happy. You won't find anything special or unique in terms of food here, but it's a great place for lunch, dinner or hanging out with friends and family. Since the menu here doesn't change often, you can try the whole menu so you don't have to eat the same thing every time. It is also great that these restaurants are located in several places in Kaunas.

Fortress Amber Grill Review The verdict is 17/20

Good service, perfect price-quality ratio, large selection of delicious food. We recommend everyone to come here. If you don't know where to eat tonight, try this place and be sure to leave your review.

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