Crispy Chick Review

Crispy Chick Review - Well, maybe another bucket?

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Let's face it, we are weak-willed people when it comes to food. It is obvious that we also slip up from time to time. We connect sometimes Guy Fieri or other American cable and drool over some crispy, juicy chicken or spicy wings. So we decided not only to watch but also to enjoy, but where to get crispy chicken? After all, just around the corner, Crispy chick diner.

Crispy Chick Review - Environment 4/5

The first eatery is located in a really convenient place - in the avenue of volunteers, in front of the Nautilus holiday home. But now, when a new point has opened in šilainai (Baltu prospect, in front of Kaunas St. John Paul II Chapel, better known as the big white cross by the road), it would be a real sin not to visit here. Communication is very easy, both places are clearly visible from the road.

In Šilainiai, you can easily find a parking space, but in the case of volunteers, these opportunities may not be available, as the parking spaces by the road are often occupied. In this case, we simply stop in the nearby street and there is no problem.

There is not much space inside, but there is an opportunity to sit at one of the few tables and enjoy the food right there. The environment is unremarkable, but neat, warm inside, quite cozy. Chicken just screams America!”, but both internally and externally outside, the design is very simple, but not unusual.

Crispy Chick Review- Service 5/5

It's no wonder that it takes time to prepare chicken and in five minutes or "in a great hurry” it won't cook faster, so we order by phone before driving, so we save our time and don't have to worry if the food preparation takes longer.

The girls who work here are always very pleasant to serve and answer any questions. Although we have visited the restaurant many times, choosing what we would like becomes a real dilemma. So it's great when employees advise, what can we do this time.

  Crispy Chick Review - Food 5/5

The menu here is neither very wide nor very narrow. You can choose from various pieces of crispy chicken, salads, tortillas, sandwiches, burgers. We are very happy that there is a large selection of kits here, it makes the work much easier, when we want to eat with friends. But whenever we eat together, our "hack" is to order only a certain amount of chicken and avoid the sets, but sometimes we are still tempted by the buns.

Chicken drumsticks - Do you sometimes feel that the dish is so delicious that you just close your eyes and enjoy the moment and maybe jump a little more? Well, that's what happens to us when we take our first bite of Crispy chick's chicken drumstick. The chicken was still steaming like it had just been taken out of the oven, even though she had to sit in the bucket for a while on the way home. And the funniest thing is that, so far, we have not been disappointed with him.

File - soft and delicious. The pieces of chicken are really big, and you don't get any nuggets here, it's pure chicken inside. But as always, the brisket tends to dry out faster, so we recommend eating it first so you don't have to dip every bite in the sauce.

Sharp wings - there are no negative reviews either. Maybe it's just a little sad, yes the spiciness is already very Lithuanian, so for those who like to burn their mouth a little, we would send the chicken sprinkled with spicy sauce.

Sandwiches, on the other hand, may not be surprising. It will definitely be enough to eat, because the portions are not small, especially when choosing a set, but the taste may be lacking in some places. The nice thing is that inside most of them you will find nice pieces of chicken fillet, and not some vague nuggets. Their vegetables are always fresh and they are really spared.

Crispy Chick Review - Price 4/5

Prices are very affordable. The first few times we imagined that a bucket of chicken with fries and drinks for two would be a great dinner, but halfway through we realized that there would be enough food for breakfast as well. The quality has never disappointed, and the quantity, as you already understood, is also very attractive.

A bucket of chicken "For two" will cost about 8€ or much higher for "Four" about 15€.

Crispy Chick Review Verdict - 18/20

We really like places where the mood rises after eating. This is one of those places. Bellies will remain full and satisfied, wallets will not be hurt. And the funnest thing is that Crispy chick is a great choice for enjoying food with friends.

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