Crisperia Review

Crisperia Review - Crisp Chicken and Service

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If once upon a time you could only find such a thing as crispy chicken in some special places, today it seems like a new chicken place has sprung up around every turn. Now it is becoming difficult to count them all on the fingers. And we, I will admit, are a little carried away for such a chicken, partly perhaps because it is one the simplest "sets” order with friends.

No need to argue too much who will want what. A cool bucket with several different sauces and your belly is already full. Well, a new place in Kaunas - recently opened Chrisperia. We decided - we must definitely try it.

Crisperia Review - Environment 4/5

This place is located on V.Krėvės street, near the big center of Rimi and Reda. The place is quite convenient, there is a large parking lot right next to it, and you can get there quickly by bus. The restaurant itself is quite cramped, but when you focus on takeaway food, there doesn't need to be too much space. 

The interior is quite simple, however enough is enough, the menu is clearly written and illustrated with photos. Several pictures or other attributes on the walls try to create a feeling of coziness.

Crisperia Review - Service 2/5

The service was quite poor, we didn't even get a warm greeting and the girls who worked looked more like "offended”, that ANOTHER the customer came. We felt quite uneasy and uncomfortable the whole time we were ordering.

The girls answered a couple of questions, but somehow there was no longer any desire to ask what they would recommend to try, if they are not very interested, neither are we. And after that, it became clear that at least half of the dishes from the menu selection could not be prepared for various reasons.

How many orders arrive per Wolt we don't know if there are other systems, but we didn't have to wait very long for the food.

Crisperia Review - Food 3/5

The chicken itself was well done, but some of the chicken was a bit overcooked and quite dry. We think this is because the chicken was pre-cooked and stacked under the heat lamps. From the other options tried, this one probably differs the most in that it uses flakes (Corn Flakes). They added more crunch to the outside of the chicken. Although, unfortunately, they do not add flavor.

The salad neither disappointed nor delighted. We didn't have high hopes, however, we got, apparently, fresh, crisp lettuce, the chicken was also not spared much. So if we come back here again, we would probably not give up this dish.

But while we praise with one hand, we will have to beat with the other hand. Quesadilla we were really disappointed.. Yes, this dish should be eaten warm, but when you focus on takeaway food, the question how the chilled food will taste should be very important. We don't even know if you can call it that quesadilla.. We received a fried, barely smeared with some kind of sauce, lavash sheet with overdried chicken crumbs. We found neither taste nor consistency here. Everything reminded me of such a poor man's sandwich, where the last crumbs are piled on top of everything. There's no way we'd get through this meal without choking without a drink.

Crisperia Review - Price 4/5

The prices here are quite standard. And if it differs by a few cents, we personally did not feel it very much. The quantity and quality of the food is quite appropriate for the price, but considering the taste of the food, we would not choose this place a second time.

Crisperia Review Verdict - 13/20

While this place was advertised, we had quite a lot of hopes, some of which were almost confirmed by Crisperia, but overall we were not surprised by the taste or quality of the food. And the service was not inviting to "stop by again". However, if you like crispy chicken, we recommend that you stop by and try it for yourself. just maybe don't grab the biggest bucket right away.

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  • Crisperia bought in Kreinga, crispy chicken, fries and the like, a large complex. Everything would be fine if the food was fried in fresh oil, the smell and taste would really burn overcooked fat... Don't lose your good and tasty name!!!

  • They sold burnt wings and then they say that everything is fine here and that there is such a marinade. As if I had bought it for the first time. It's a shame to waste time, money and treat customers like this. I will never come back here again and I do not recommend anyone to visit here. Service at its lowest level…

    • We were hoping that the service would change for the better after at least this time since opening, but we can see that nobody there cares about anything.