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Anyone missing home food? After all, sometimes you want zeppelins so much, but "Jesus, how long will it take to make them". Sometimes for lunch you would rather cut a schnitzel than a burger from McDonald's. Well, then maybe we have an offer for you. One of the places we like the most, at least for homemade food, is Cheburek. So let's see if Cheburek will offer us good chebureks? 😀

Chebureks Overview - Environment 4/5

Everything here is very simple, a few tables, chairs, a few flowers in pots. You order at the bar, take your order and sit down, just like in the good old school canteen. The tables are not the biggest, so you won't pile up a mountain of plates, but there is enough space.

It's great that it's always clean and tidy here, it won't win interior awards, but we always have fun eating here.

Chebureks Review - Service 3/5

Well, a diner is a diner, you certainly won't get super warm service here, but you don't need it when you come for a cheap meal. We've never had a really bad experience here, and if you come in the evening, of course the staff will be tired and might not greet you with the biggest smile in the world. So everything is very understandable...

  Chebureks Review - Food 4/5

The food here is very simple but really good, drink a beer for every time you hear this phrase. However, it's hard to say otherwise, usually everything is very tasty, the chebureks, zeppelins, or Žemaitski pancakes themselves are well prepared. Well, in such places, everything depends a lot on who works in the kitchen. Sometimes the dishes have more oil, they can even wash, other times everything is "perfect".

Chebureks with meat are really big, the dough is soft and overall a very tasty meal. Other food, such as zeppelins, potato pancakes, or zemaitukki, may vary slightly from day to day. Do not expect a very wide menu, but you will find something delicious to eat.

The products are of high quality and you usually have to wait up to half an hour if you make a larger order. As we don't really have too much to complain about, what the place does it does well, and the rest is just a matter of "taste". In addition, you can have a beer at the bar if you can't imagine your lunch without this "sweet".


Cheburek Overview - Price 5/5

The prices here are really very good, the size of the portion itself is enough for a meal and not just a snack. Chebureks will cost around 1-2 euros, and many other dishes won't be more expensive than 4 euros either. A great place for lunch, cheburek is always better than a Mac burger.

Cheburek Overview The verdict is 16/20

If you like simple, hearty, delicious traditional food, this place will be a real "candy". You won't find anything magical here, but the quality you get for this price is very good and the service is usually very friendly. Hot Cheburekai and Cold Beer, but you don't even need to travel to Palanga.

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  • The service is often quite rough, and the working women sometimes seem not to want to see you, but lunch here is cheap and prepared quickly.

    • Hmm, it's hard to say about the service, a few times we were just like normal. But we almost always visited only in the evening, then maybe it's different at lunch. 🙂