Brooklyn Brothers Review

Brooklyn Brothers Review - Interesting But Not Really Worth It

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Pizzas, pizzas, pizzas... Their choice and variety both in Kaunas and throughout Lithuania is increasing more and more every day. But whenever the supply increases, so do the buyers' wishes and product preferences. But here is another, new pizzeria in Kaunas that has already taken root in Vilnius Brooklyn Brothers. The founders of this place brought the pizza baking technology from America, or to be more precise, from the New York district - Brooklyn. How can you not try such an exotic here?

Brooklyn Brothers ReviewEnvironment 4/5

The restaurant is located very close to Kaunas Castle, in front of the well-known Liux kebab shop. The interior design is quite cozy, colourful. A significant part of the interior is the bar in the middle of the restaurant.

In the warm season, you can sit at small tables on the outdoor terrace and enjoy the view. Although, to tell the truth, the tables inside are not very big either, so this place is not the most suitable for large companies. It's quite tight here. they really wanted to squeeze everything possible out of the available space.

Brooklyn Brothers ReviewService 4/5

We don't know if this is the style of service here or if the waiters didn't happen that day, but we were quite surprised. Once inside, a sign said we had to wait to be seated. That's how we stood, at the entrance, for a good 10 minutes, although there was only one table available, the waitress, instead of turning away and simply offering to sit down, discussed the flavors of teas available, which are obviously listed on the menu.

Well, anyway, the food questions were answered, at least a few times we were asked if there was anything missing and the like. In general, apart from that first misunderstanding, the service was quite warm and cozy. The food also arrived fairly quickly, although the fact that there were only a few people inside may have influenced that.

 Brooklyn Brothers Review - Food 3/5

Well, probably, there is no need to wrap it in cotton wool for a long time. After reading the comments and the Brooklyn brothers' own descriptions of the restaurant, we really expected a lot. Oh, how wrong we were...

Let's start with the fact that the price of pizzas is not very logical. When you pay that kind of money, you expect to get a good quality meal. Yes, we are not out of the rock, we know how much good products can cost.

The pizza is so... About nothing. The very thin, rubber and hard sole is not covered with anything. The sole itself is slightly toasted and sprinkled with crumbs. Which causes a rather strange feeling when eating, as if we were spooning breadcrumbs.

There is no special or exceptional taste, several ingredients look rather poor compared to several times cheaper pizzas. Anyway, we are lovers of edges, we usually destroy pizzas to the last bite, but we were not impressed here. And the few cooled pieces brought home became almost inedible stones.

Maybe we missed it, maybe it's not the real taste of this place, or maybe we just don't understand the pleasure of a thin, crumb-covered pizza. You don't want to send the great experts who will immediately start betting, like here and there. But take your time, take a breath. It's just that, in our opinion, this time the very idea of eating "American Pizza" triumphed over good quality and a reasonable price.

Brooklyn Brothers Review - Price 2/5

Most of the drinks and other snacks are quite reasonably priced, neither too much nor too little, like eating downtown. But pizzas….pizzas, pay about 16€ for such a pizza just because it's a different style or the recipe is imported from X or Y country, really not worth it. Neither the taste of the sole, nor the size, nor the ingredients themselves on top made the feeling of such a price.

We will be open, taking pizzas from American Pizza or other "simpler" places, you will have a much fuller and tastier meal. Well, maybe it won't be very cool to brag about it on Instagram.

Brooklyn Brothers Review - Verdict 13/20

The location is really convenient, but would we come back here again? Not really. The prices here are not for everyday dining, and the food is definitely not something you should spend a lot of money on.

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  • We were at the Vilnius outlet just now, and a girl with light hair took our order. They don't listen at all to what we order, what size pizza we want, what to add and what to take away from it.. later they look with wide eyes and say that we didn't repeat it... even though we say it twice... they sit on the phones and don't see or hear anything... I really want to fix it because the second time or if you want to go, you will have to think carefully..