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Baharat Kebab Review - Fancy Kebab?


Fancy Pancy Kebab? How? Where? When? But seriously, have you ever wanted to eat a kebab with lamb or Halloumi cheese. If so, I think the place we visited today will be the same for you... only if 8 e for a kebab is a normal price for you. So with Baharat kebabs, a simple question arises - are these kebabs worth the price? Will it become a new attraction or sink into oblivion? But first, what is this place...

3/5 - (6 votes)

Fancy Pancy Kebab? How? Where? When? Well, seriously, have you ever wanted to eat a kebab with lamb or Halloumi cheese? If so, then the place we visited today will surely interest you. Of course, if paying at least 8 euros for a kebab seems normal to you. Here, with Baharat kebab a simple question arises - are these kebabs worth the price? Will it become a new place that attracts everyone, or will it soon drown itself in the mire of such prices.

Baharat Kebab Review - Ambiance 5/5

A newly established kebab house rather cozy, but unremarkable interior. Instead, it is already noticeable from somewhere, because it stands right next to the street. You can leave your car in the parking lot right here, and it's quite convenient to get a kebab by bus - the bus stop is very close by. Once inside, you will find several places to sit while you wait or when you want to eat here and now. The kitchen is open, so while the food is being prepared, you can watch what and how much was added to your kebi.

This is partly a plus, because I won't lie, it's interesting to see different aspects. But at the same time, employees should not forget that the person waiting will probably notice all the chatter or misunderstandings going on there. But here it depends more on the service than on the environment, so this time we can easily put Baharat Kebab in the top 5.

Baharat Kebab Review - Service 3/5

Everything seems to be fine with the service... It's just strange that the place just opened, and they don't seem to know the menu, you can't order this or that dish, because it's over, there's no work, etc. It seems that there's not much work, but there were even three employees behind the counter. At first it seemed like we were in a training period. Making our kebab was done by questioning each, no matter how obvious, step, and to put it mildly, it "wasted" our time. We are not the kind of people who tend to hang around, but when we pay 10 euros for a kebab, nothing at all if the employees had at least covered their hair with something and removed the "chains" from their necks and ears. Not because I'm jealous of such golden mountains, but you know... We are supporters of hygiene...

Overall, we didn't feel like we were served badly, but there is room for improvement, especially if you are trying to create something "special" or stand out from the crowd.

Baharat Kebab Review - Food 4/5

We would also give a plus for the fact that although it did not have what we wanted, we got a box of rice with vegetables as a gift. It's fun, only when eating a kebab, and especially on a plate, where not only fries, but also lavash are all put together, that rice is so... well, it's a bit off topic. It would not even be possible to expand a lot about this dish, everything is very simple but good - well-cooked rice, not overcooked vegetables. There is not much to comment here.

The kebab on the plate had such a... quite interesting thing - a mountain of fries, a spare scoop of vegetables, not much meat, but under all that, a lavash that barely fits. It is very gratifying and commendable to bake homemade lavash, which, by the way, is really not bad, but paying 10e to get a mixture of baguette and potatoes was not what we expected. A small amount of salad and dressing made this meal a "dry" experience. You open a kebab shop and you can't find any meat there... well, maybe she's being modest when she's hiding...

Summary of kebabs in lavash (technically, everyone here is like that :D) we could say like this - quality and well-prepared kebabs, both on a plate and plain. The ratio between vegetables and meat is already much better here. Tasty, fresh, high-quality meat, and anyway... in the end, we just ate a kebab...

Personally, we had a delicious meal, although I couldn't say that the change of meat was a "huge" plus, at least for me. But would we go here a second time? Probably not. It is worth tasting, but paying such a price for a small kebab is somehow not one or two. Having said all that, it's really nice to see more choice in Kaunas. If the price is not high, or if you really like unconventional kebabs, this will be a great place. 

Baharat Kebab Review - Price 2/5

The price and quantity are probably the main reasons why we will probably not return to this place a second time. Alas, in recent months I have such a problem that I keep thinking - will there be something "really" better or tastier than buying an expensive version of something? The kebabs here are pretty good. however, we ate them in a few moments and we went to make a sandwich because we were not very full.

Baharat Kebab Review The verdict is 14/20

So, to summarize - the kebabs are tasty, the service is normal, if you want to enjoy a bit more interesting "kebi", then I suggest you try Baharat kebab. We're sorry, but this place didn't make it to the top, but maybe it will become your favorite place. But we'll leave it up to you to decide, and if you've eaten here, leave a comment on what you think.

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