Food Wheel

Food Wheel - What to Eat?

Food (Non)Choice Circle

Turn Turn the Wheel Turn to One Side, Tell Kebabe, will you be mine...

ÔÇŽand so on and so forth. And I know, and you know, that there is one thing worse than choosing which movie to watch together. This is the most terrible decision that has haunted mankind since the beginning of time - What is good to eat here? Even the thought of scrolling through Google Map recommendations, or driving around like a puppy sticking its head out the window, hoping to smell that new, tasty morsel, made me shudder. From this agony, an idea arose, we decided to construct - Super Duper Complex Programmed Mega Omega Computer Controlled AI Food Wheel. Did we manage to do something good? Well, it's up to you, and if this page helped you choose what to eat, leave a comment, don't be shy. ­čśë

How does the wheel work? Very simple:- You come up with a wish, - You transfer 15 euros to us, - And before the money fell out of you, at least it didn't fall into us, - You click on the wheel and spin... And when the internet gods decide your fate, you will get the answer in capital letters, What will you eat today? Well, if the answer is no, (so what, you don't know what you want to eat, but you know that's exactly what you don't want?) we will be good, let's spin the wheel again, just don't get carried away, other spins can bring much worse options than you could have imagined. ­čÖé

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