Chili Stew Recipe

Chili Stew Recipe

When it's quite rumbling and rumbling outside the window, all the trouble is gone with a warm, delicious chili stew recipe  

Chili Stew Recipe - Making:

I put the mincemeat in a pot, season it with my favorite spices and cook it on a low heat until the meat is roasted. During this time, I cut the vegetables into small cubes and pour them into the same pot. Then I sauté it with the meat for a few minutes. Finally, I add water and other remaining products and boil everything on a low heat until the stew is steamed to the desired thickness.

Before eating, I sprinkle generously with cheese and wrap, lunch is already on the table!

If you thought that the recipe is rather strange and imprecise, you are absolutely right. I myself never manage to reproduce the identical taste of dishes, let alone chili, to which I always want to add something new. But that's what makes this dish special!
Feel free to experiment, season with vegetables or spices of your choice and enjoy great, warm chili every time. 

Although we love to cook and share our production with others, it is sometimes difficult to find the desire and energy to devote time to these recipes. Although at first such short articles seem like a few minutes' work that can be easily digested, the truth is that everything consists of many small steps. Then if you liked this or another article, leave a comment or share this page Facebook, it helps not to lose motivation.

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