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About us

About Us - Nice to meet you!

We are a couple of fun and creative personalities. We are full of ideas about what to see, where to travel, or what to eat.

From restaurants to movie reviews, we try to filter and present only the most important things to our readers. We care about development, learning, and integrity. If you have interesting ideas or just want to chat, please contact us and we will try to answer. We hope you find something here that will brighten your day.

We are trying to gather a group of young (well, maybe we are not as young as we would like) and talented people. And mostly people who want to write, create, and otherwise beautify this sometimes gloomy world of ours. If you don't have a "medium" to express yourself, send your thoughts to us, and we will be sure to place them in the readers' letters section. Well, if we really like the idea, then maybe we'll open a whole section to express it to you. The most important thing is to have the desireÔÇŽ

And besides, we don't really bite so if you have some "crazy" thought or idea that you would like to implement, don't be shy, write us a letter. If you are too lazy to write a letter, find us on Facebook and send us a private message. And that's wrong? Then you can find us on Instagram and start a conversation there. Well, if nothing is suitable, we have prepared a place for postal heifers and postal owls on our window, so if anything, grab a piece of parchment, your grandfather's best-preserved feather and leave all your thoughts for us in lines. In other words, you can chat with us freely ­čśë



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