Weekend Guide: Animals

Weekend Guide: Animals!

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Living Mountain

Tired of sitting in the city? Has running out to eat or take a walk in the park become just a gray routine? I understand, it was like that for us too... But after thinking for a long time, we finally decided to visit such a special place, where you can escape from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Yes, of course, where else did we knock if not at the Living Mountain. Just a few tens of kilometers from Kaunas, and you are already accompanied by your child's goose Paulius or an entourage of loyal dogs everywhere.

We had a great time and we recommend a visit here to everyone who misses a bit of the countryside or is tired of the gray city. 

Living Mountain – 19 stebeikiai village, Stebeikiai

I love the Village

Here you will find a ballerina goat named Carrot and her friend, a little more horned, which is why her friends call her Knopke. They will not only taste delicacies from your hands, but will also give you a unique show. Avis Kruopa will be your companion during the entire visit, and Ninzelin will check if you have a good aura. 🐴🐐

Mr. Shrek will not be proud to gnaw all the apples you offer him, while the rabbits will calmly chew all the treats they receive. Well, in the end, Lady Gaga easily passing by you will make even your jaw drop with envy, because of such a hairstyle. So there will definitely be something to do...

To be honest, it would probably be the perfect place to celebrate children's birthdays or school holidays. When you arrive, you will find many, not so timid, animals. There are many different activities and activities around. And there will be no shortage of places for parents to sit surrounded by the forest, so you can drink coffee and enjoy the fresh air while letting your children spend time in nature. 🌳☕️

I love the Village - Aleksandruvka, Kaunas District.

Cat Cafe Vilnius

Delicious food, in this case, saves faster than anything else. Only.. what to do when it seems that you have already tasted and seen everything? 🧐😫

Then, when your feet are full, reserve a table at Cat Cafe, and enjoy life like never before! 😽🤩

We have heard a lot about this place, but in the past we didn't have enough time or courage to visit it... Until today 🤪

We will not reveal too much, it is better to experience the pleasures of this place with fresh, unknowing eyes. However, we will say that we will hardly ever give such huge and sincere RECOMMENDATIONS... 🥰💙😻

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